Day 646: The Inescapable Laugh Track

originally published October 7, 2013 Though it hasn’t yet been accepted as fact by the Western medical community, there is an adage that claims that laughter is the best medicine. But what if laughter is the disease itself? Somewhere amid the musty grey pages from the hard-to-reach file of wacky medical history lies the Tanganyika […]

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Day 633: Cue The Laughs

originally published September 24, 2013 It is not the trait of which I am most proud, however it would be dishonest of me to deny the fact that I am a humor snob. Not to say I cull my giggles solely from the droll and waggish cartoons in the New Yorker – I’ll admit it, […]

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Day 597: That Damn Falling Tree

originally published August 19, 2013 If a writer posts a thousand words and no one is there to read them, does he make a point? As a person who faces that possibility every morning – usually before consuming that first cup of coffee that could potentially render the answer easier to digest – I prefer […]

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Day 514: Full Metal Emu

originally published May 28, 2013 For most nations, the years between the two World Wars was a time of boom and bust, a time when the economy trumped politics on the tips of citizens’ tongues. And when the call came for a new generation to pick up arms and fight for the cause, they were […]

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Day 467: The Birds Are The Words

originally published April 11, 2013 I’d like to dedicate today’s article to my lovely wife, whose hatred of birds has spanned most of her life, and will no doubt follow her to her grave. It didn’t help when a filthy raven tumbled through the sunroof of her Mini Cooper while she was waiting at a […]

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Day 464: Electro-Blasto Man

originally published April 8, 2013 All of us have had jobs we’ve hated. I’ve spent time as a lowly grunt in a meat packing plant (a dreadful six hours of my life), I’ve talked innocent consumers into devoting entire hours of their lives to a lengthy, wholly uninteresting telephone survey of their recent purchases, and […]

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