Day 972: Missed It By That Much…

originally published August 29, 2014 “If you’re going to do something, do it right.” So sayeth the big book of unspoken laws – the same book that also condemns hack writers who open articles with unattributed clichés, tagged with stupid quotation marks that indicate that the words have been spoken, though in this case only […]

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Day 962: Moriarty, Unmasked

originally published August 19, 2014 What can be said of a criminal mastermind? I’d always been deterred from a life of misdeeds by my utter conviction that I’d be lousy at it, and that the inevitable consequences of such a career are either prison, demise by the hand of the swarthy hero, or if one […]

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Day 952: Death And Money

originally published August 9, 2014 One might assume upon skimming this month’s selection of articles that the author has developed an unnatural preoccupation with death. The author would courteously disagree, and would remind you that no preoccupation with death is unnatural, unless it escalates to unreasonably eccentric behavior, like keeping makeup instructions for the undertaker […]

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Day 947: The Vampire Of Sacramento

originally published August 4, 2014 Every so often I like to illuminate the pages of this online repository of phact and phantasy with a story so luminous I can practically hear the creak of my readers’ perfunctory grins as their hearts glow from toasty delight. This is not one of those days. Today’s kilograph is […]

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